Testimony Videos

Joel C. Rosenberg Apr 23, 2019

This Passover/Easter weekend, there are some 1 million Jewish followers of Jesus in the world. I’m one of them. Here’s why.

Joel writes, "My hope and prayer is that as you listen to the story, it will encourage you in your own faith, and that it will be something you can ...

One For Israel Staff Apr 23, 2019

VIDEO: I was the president of the synagogue! How could I believe in Jesus?

Steven grew up in a Jewish family, and was even president of his synagogue, but the night God saved him from suicide changed everything!

One For Israel Staff Mar 5, 2019

VIDEO: International drug-runner gets trapped by God’s love

Living a double life, this Jewish drug-smuggler and father of two eventually hits rock bottom. Arrested, divorced, and shaken by a brutal car accident, it’s only through his new girlfriend’s ...

One For Israel Staff Feb 5, 2019

VIDEO: Israeli Arab finds his eternal Father

Growing up in Abu Gosh, and surrounded by the three major religions, a young secular Muslim realized there must be only one way to God. His Journey led Him to ...

One For Israel Staff Jan 15, 2019

VIDEO: New York Times best seller, Joel Rosenberg, meets the author of life

You might know Joel Rosenberg from his best selling novels, but you probably haven’t heard the story behind the author, how he was found by his Messiah, Yeshua!

One For Israel Staff Jan 1, 2019

VIDEO: A Jewish doctor finds cure for the soul

Dr. Miller was told by his Rabbi that asking questions and wanting to know more about God is considered “blasphemy”, but that never stopped him from researching and finding the ...

One For Israel Staff Dec 11, 2018

VIDEO: The Kooks met Messiah

Two Jewish hippies – one blowing his mind with LSD, the other into the occult – until the Jewish Messiah brings them out of darkness into His light TOGETHER!

One For Israel Staff Nov 14, 2018

VIDEO: Jesus is pro-life – Testimony of Lawrence Hirsch

Life doesn’t go the way we think but God uses it all in a very profound way. When Sarah was born, she didn’t cry. The doctor told us that Sarah ...

One For Israel Staff Nov 1, 2018

VIDEO: “I needed answers and God visited me!”

Valerie was clear about one thing: as a Jew, she could not believe in Jesus. But when her life in London took some unexpected turns, she found answers in the ...

One For Israel Staff Oct 20, 2018

VIDEO: Iranian Muslim chanted “Death to Israel” – Now speaks life!

He was a Muslim commander in the Iranian army, full of hate for Israel, but the Jewish Messiah changed his heart to love God’s chosen people!