Revive Israel Staff Jun 15, 2019

VIDEO: Can we be a global family?

Cody Archer sits with David Demian – Facilitator of Watchmen for the Nations – to chat about what it looks like when believers from every nation become one family and ...

Dani Sayag Jun 12, 2019

VIDEO: There is more

Dani gives a teaching, “There is more,” at Kehilat HaCarmel on June 8, 2019.

KKCJ Staff Jun 11, 2019

VIDEO: HaSneh HaBoer // Ethiopian Congregation

Watch about how God is blessing the Ethiopian community of HaSneh HaBoer (the Burning Bush) in the Haifa area, in the King of Kings Family of Ministries.

Ron Cantor Jun 10, 2019

VIDEO: 3,000 Jews get saved in Jerusalem! Shavuot!

Ron shares about the history of Shavuot and what happened in Jerusalem 2000 years ago.

Chad Holland Jun 9, 2019

VIDEO: Ruined for the real

Shavuot – when the Holy Spirit changed the world forever. Do you want to be changed forever?

Revive Israel Staff Jun 7, 2019

VIDEO: To the Jew first – Really?

Cody Archer sits with Troy Wallace – Vice President of Congregation and Leadership Development of Jewish Voice Ministries – to chat about taking Romans 1:16 literally (to the Jew first), ...

Simcha Natan Jun 5, 2019

VIDEO: Behind the music of ‘Your Great Rescue’

Simcha shares the devotional message behind the single 'Your Great Rescue'' from her second of three EPs -- 'Awakened'.

Revive Israel Staff Jun 3, 2019

VIDEO: How to succeed in ministry

Cody Archer sits with Daniel C. Juster, TH.D. to chat about core ingredients in a person’s life that produce kingdom fruit when implemented.

Vladimir Tsapar Jun 2, 2019

VIDEO: Samuel – The call of God

Vladimir gives a teaching, “Samuel – The call of God,” at Kehilat HaCarmel on June 1, 2019.

Joshua Aaron May 31, 2019

VIDEO: Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) Live at the Tower of David, Jerusalem

Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) was performed LIVE at the Tower of David, Jerusalem to commemorate 10 years of music (Joshua Aaron) and celebrate Israel's 70th year of statehood.