Aaron Hecht May 20, 2019

The handwriting on the wall

Aaron writes, "Freedom of Religion, and indeed democracy as we’ve always thought of it, is living on borrowed time."

Asher Intrater May 20, 2019

David’s greater son – A Jewish perspective on the dual nature of the Messiah

Asher writes, "So God first gave a basic kingdom government to David. Then through Isaiah, God prophesied additional, spiritual dimensions for that kingdom and its king; David’s greater son."

Ron Cantor May 19, 2019

The most hated people on earth

Ron writes, "Who are the most hated people on earth? The Christians? The Jews? White Anglo Saxon men? The truth is that the most hated people on the face of ...

Adam Lee Rosenfeld May 19, 2019

The ten commandments and being a one-trick pony

Adam writes, "Do you know the one thing that you’re about? What is that unique value that you bring to others? Can you whittle it down to one clear sentence? ...

Moran Rosenblit May 18, 2019

Slaves to righteousness

Moran writes, "Is there an area of sin in your life from which you feel you cannot be set free? Remember, you are a new creation in Messiah!"

Eric Tokajer May 18, 2019

Reaching out to G-D in moments of weakness or fear

Eric writes, "It isn’t a lack of faith when we reach out to G-D in moments of weakness or fear. It is actually a proclamation of our faith."

Simcha Natan May 17, 2019

The secret prayer of breakthrough in your life

Simcha writes, "A sentence that I find myself saying over and over is ‘the principles of the Kingdom are always the opposite fo the world’. I think this is as ...

Shira Sorko-Ram May 17, 2019

Israel turns right

Shira writes, "After a real cliff-hanger, it turned out that the election on April 9 gave Benjamin Netanyahu a comfortable majority in Israel’s Knesset. So what does this election say ...

Eitan Shishkoff May 15, 2019

Gentile kings and Jewish prophets

Eitan writes, "I am convinced that this partnership is an essential facet of God’s blueprint for world redemption. We are walking it out by divine design, causing divine delight."

One For Israel Staff May 14, 2019

The perfect antidote to bitterness

"Like a gas leak, bitterness can be barely discernible at first – perhaps there’s the slight whiff of something not quite right – but if you’re not wide awake and ...