Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 17, 2019

Daily News Summary for September 17, 2019

Voter Turnout: As of 6PM Israel time, the voter turnout stood at 53.3%. This is a 1.5% increase in turnout as compared to the April elections from earlier this year. ...

Ron Cantor Sep 17, 2019

Prophetic dream: To whom are you accountable?

Ron writes, "So many problems in the Body today could be quickly resolved if leaders were accountable to other leaders. I do believe God is highlighting this issue through the ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 16, 2019

Daily Israeli News Summary for September 16, 2019

Welcome to our new Daily News Summary section of Kehila News. We will give you a brief glimpse into the top news and stories in Israel as well as cultural ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Sep 16, 2019

Is President Trump preparing to strike Iran? Senior Senator calls for retaliation after missiles or drones severely damage Saudi oil facility.

UPDATED: (Amman, Jordan) — Having just been in Saudi Arabia discussing the gravity of the Iran threat with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) and other senior Saudi officials and military commanders, ...

Carolyn Hyde Sep 15, 2019

A word about the upcoming elections in Israel

Carolyn writes, "So I’ve held this in my heart since then and wondered what will happen... "

Eric Tokajer Sep 14, 2019

Open your eyes and see your salvation

Eric writes, "This is the message that G-D is still speaking to the Jewish people today. I know you need grace. I know you feel forsaken and forgotten. Open your ...

Aaron Hecht Sep 13, 2019

Israel is adrift and looking for purpose

Aaron writes, "Israelis are looking for something or someone to inspire them, to lead them, to give them a reason to get excited about what the future might hold and ...

Jane Bakewell Sep 12, 2019

My thoughts on “Letter of repentance”

Jane writes, "God is making clear to the church at large that He is still the God of Israel, many coming to this understanding are seeing the importance of their ...

Jackie Santoro Sep 10, 2019

Updates from the fall season

Jackie writes, "Please keep all these situations in prayer. We shall reap a reward if we do not grow weary!"

Aaron Hecht Sep 9, 2019

A moment on the lips

Aaron writes, "The sin of “careless speech” can be compared to a rock thrown out in the middle of a pond, creating ripples and affecting the shoreline far from the ...