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Scott Presson is a Writer whose commentaries regarding personal and spiritual issues have been published around the world. He is also an award winning TV Producer, Editor and a former Journalist, who has traveled extensively covering everything from politics and weather to domestic terrorism and the front lines of the Middle East conflict.

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Feb 12, 2017

Dreaming in the language of the prophets

Scott writes, "When my father spoke about faith, he pointed out that it was impossible to please God without it. He compared faith to a muscle and said that the ...

Aug 19, 2016

Today, Tomorrow and Every Day After

Scott writes, "Since we had moved to Israel, my perception of what was valuable had been constantly challenged. I now understood that it was skewed."

Aug 3, 2016

The Lost, the Lonely and the Seekers

In part 6 of the story of his family's move to Israel, Scott shares, "Israel is a magnet for the lost, the lonely and for people seeking the truth. Whether ...

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