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Community News May 2, 2018

Beit HaYeshua – Drug Rehab in Jerusalem

Beit HaYeshua’s main goal is to see salvation through faith in Yeshua change people’s lives, and rehabilitation and freedom from addiction is a critical part of reaching that goal.

Community Blogs Dec 13, 2017

Keep your relationships bigger

"Working with others can often be a challenge. “Iron sharpens iron", but at the same time this can make sparks fly and cut us deeply."

Tourism Oct 8, 2016

VIDEO: Winter Discipleship Intensive

This winter from December 1, 2016 – January 25, 2017, there will be an 8-week discipleship intensive hosted by our friends at the Jerusalem Hills Inn for English-speaking believers of ...

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Videos May 21, 2019

VIDEO: Aliyah and the practical restoration of Israel

Cody Archer sits with Chaim Malespin – Director of Operations of Aliyah Return Center – to chat about how they are helping Jewish immigrants get planted in Israel together with ...

Videos May 11, 2019

VIDEO: Training young Israeli leaders in Asia

Cody Archer sits with Jeremiah Smilovci, Tal Haroni (outreach leaders) and Ahallela Nickalls (disciple in training) to chat about their outreach to Asia with Project Nesher (Eagle), and why the ...

Videos May 4, 2019

VIDEO: What’s happening to Israeli Messianic Jews?

Cody Archer sits with Mati Shoshani – TBN Israel Director – to chat about his experience growing up in Israel as a second-generation believer and the positive developments he has ...

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