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ONE FOR ISRAEL strives to be the leading organization in sharing the Gospel of Yeshua the Messiah with Israeli Jews and Arabs in the Hebrew language. Our staff is comprised of both Jewish and Arab Israelis, with the shared belief that true peace in the Middle East can only come into existence under Yeshua.

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Community Blogs May 14, 2019

The perfect antidote to bitterness

"Like a gas leak, bitterness can be barely discernible at first – perhaps there’s the slight whiff of something not quite right – but if you’re not wide awake and ...

Community Blogs May 6, 2019

Love your enemies – Jesus is not joking

"Jesus was not interested in messing around with normal levels of niceness. He was starting a whole new revolution called “Love your enemies”… and challenging us to join him."

Community Blogs Apr 29, 2019

Praying for the persecuted

Hundreds were martyred in Sri Lanka recently for simply being in church. One of our graduates from our Bible College now serves as a pastor in one of the cities ...

Videos by One For Israel Staff

Videos Apr 23, 2019

VIDEO: I was the president of the synagogue! How could I believe in Jesus?

Steven grew up in a Jewish family, and was even president of his synagogue, but the night God saved him from suicide changed everything!

Videos Mar 5, 2019

VIDEO: International drug-runner gets trapped by God’s love

Living a double life, this Jewish drug-smuggler and father of two eventually hits rock bottom. Arrested, divorced, and shaken by a brutal car accident, it’s only through his new girlfriend’s ...

Videos Feb 5, 2019

VIDEO: Israeli Arab finds his eternal Father

Growing up in Abu Gosh, and surrounded by the three major religions, a young secular Muslim realized there must be only one way to God. His Journey led Him to ...

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