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The Kehila News Staff is a team of Israeli believers in Yeshua.

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Community News Aug 18, 2019

Anti-missionaries publish incendiary article against Messianic couple

An Israeli website ran an incendiary article about a Messianic couple that has led to a complaint filed against them with the police and thousands of harassing phone calls by ...

World Events Jul 31, 2019

Who are members of ‘The Squad’ and why are they bad for Israel?

One has to wonder whether the next generation of American politicians are on track to endanger America’s strong ties with Israel — and what that will mean for the Jewish ...

Israel News Jul 31, 2019

Rabbinate, MOI making it harder to prove one’s Jewishness

Would the Jewish homeland close its doors to a large percentage of people because they are unable to meet the bureaucratic and oppressive criteria while they escape the threat of ...

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Videos Jul 30, 2019

VIDEO: Organizing hatred: American Muslims for Palestine

In this video, Canary Mission exposes American Muslims for Palestine as an anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate group which is actively influencing college students, politics, congress and even left-wing Jewish groups in ...

Videos Apr 17, 2019

VIDEO: Building an Altar – Shilo Ben Hod

Hebrew worship album recorded in Jerusalem with English subtitles (translation & transliteration).

Videos Mar 29, 2018

VIDEO: NFL players visit Israel center for children with special needs

A delegation of 30 current and retired football players and coaches from America’s National Football League visited a center in Jerusalem for children with special needs on Sunday.

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