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Karen is a wife and mother living in the Golan Heights. She began her interest in news and media in high school and interned for multiple television and radio arts companies in NYC. She later went on to work for a radio arts company in Dallas, TX. After hearing G-d calling to come to Israel, she left the media world. She met her husband in Jerusalem and the two have a vision of growing their family, living out their faith in Yeshua and fully integrating into Israeli society as Messianic Jews.

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Israel & the Middle East Aug 21, 2019

Israel blocks freshmen Congresswomen from Israel – Is it worthy of the media hype?

Karen writes, "An initial reaction by most Israel supporters is to grimace at the phrase, “bar from entry”. But if we step back from the blinding spotlights of media coverage ...

Biblical Teachings Aug 12, 2019

Hope on Tisha B’Av in the form of foxes

Karen writes, "Multiple rabbis who saw the sight were overjoyed at this fulfillment of prophecy and believe that if this is coming to pass, so shall the promises of the ...

Community News Jul 19, 2019

Unconditional love in uncompromising faith: The Aliyah Return Center

The vision for ARC is ever-expanding, and Malespin and the rest of the staff look to the future. With more buildings to restore and an ever-expanding number of residents and ...

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