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Joni has worked in education and management and has been a writer for Kehila News Israel since 2016. He holds an MBA, as well as teaching qualifications. He lives in Israel with his family.

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Biblical Teachings Jul 23, 2019

Responding to non-believers

Joni writes, "How should we understand and relate to those who do not yet believe? Is salvation a black and white thing – before I knew Yeshua I was evil ...

Israel & the Middle East May 14, 2019

Inheriting Zion

Joni writes, "Inheriting Zion is perhaps the world’s biggest controversy, after the issue of Yeshua being God! The word ‘Zion’ refers to Jerusalem, but is also used to describe the ...

Feb 11, 2019

Brexit and messing with covenant

Joni writes, "The events shaking the UK, with its legacy of Christian faith and birthing of modern democracy, are truly remarkable. The core issue is one of covenant."

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