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Hannah Weiss lives in Israel with her husband Hillel, their three children and two grandchildren. Besides writing on issues relevant for followers of Yeshua, she also works as an English writer, editor and translator for Israeli exporters and academics. Hannah is part of a small home fellowship, Restorers of Zion, which serves the Body of Messiah by focusing on neglected or dysfunctional areas of Scriptural teaching and practice.

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Biblical Teachings May 18, 2019

Reflections of redemption in Nisan – Conclusion

Hannah writes, "God’s Heavenly bread was reserved strictly for the Redeemed of Israel who acknowledged His Sacrifice through its earthly representation. But He wanted to include not only those who ...

Biblical Teachings May 10, 2019

Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 5

Hannah writes, "As the “second-chance” Passover approaches, we examine an ancient Passover tradition that was dismantled some 18 centuries ago, for no other reason than its unmistakable resemblance to Yeshua."

Apr 21, 2019

Reflections of redemption in Nisan, Part 4

Hannah writes, "We saw in Parts 2 and 3 how Yeshua fulfilled the composite picture portrayed by the Lambs of Nisan. Now we will see how the Passover lamb relates ...

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