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Eric Tokajer is author of With Me in Paradise, Transient Singularity, #ManWisdom, OY! How Did I Get Here?: Thirty-One Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Entering Ministry, Jesus is to Christianity as Pasta is to Italians, God Has No Plan "B", and his most recent book Galatians in Context.

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Biblical Teachings Sep 14, 2019

Open your eyes and see your salvation

Eric writes, "This is the message that G-D is still speaking to the Jewish people today. I know you need grace. I know you feel forsaken and forgotten. Open your ...

Biblical Teachings Sep 7, 2019

Are you causing people to blaspheme?

Eric writes, "Have you ever heard something come out of someone’s mouth that was so contrary to who you thought that person was that you simply didn’t have a file ...

Community Blogs Aug 31, 2019

When faithfulness seems unfaithful

Eric writes, "I realized recently just how completely ironic my life is. One of the things I disliked the most as a young person was writing and now I spend ...

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