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Elhanan ben-Avraham, born in 1945, is a professional artist, poet, writer and father of two, grandfather of four, living in Israel since 1979. He has served in the IDF, taught the Bible internationally, published two illustrated books of poetry, and painted two large Biblical murals in public buildings in Jerusalem, among many other works. He and his wife live in a quiet village in the Mountains of Judah.

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Community Blogs May 12, 2019

The Gates

Elhanan writes, "Continents stream through the gates of Jerusalem, converging rivers of faces pumping life's blood, through chambers of this heart of all cities..."

Community Blogs Apr 24, 2019

The Shroud of Turin

Elhanan writes, We have a copy of the shroud here in Jerusalem, which I have studied over the years...

Community Blogs Apr 13, 2019

I call you friends

Elhanan writes, "These words spoken by the Messiah to his disciples were uttered at the celebration of Passover in Jerusalem. The central memorial of that festival is the remembering of ...

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