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Eitan is the Founder and Executive Director of Tents of Mercy Network of Messianic Congregations is Northern Israel. He's a published author, having written "What About Us?", which answers the question about Gentile participation in the restoration of Israel.

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Community Blogs Jul 3, 2019 0

The end is near! So what?

Eitan writes, "So, what can we do to smash the idol of indifference and re-orient for harvest? We need much transformation in order to fully enter the fields which God ...

Community News Jun 8, 2019 0

Pay it forward – The Harvest of Katzir youth camps

Eitan writes, "The ancient prophets were united in emphasizing this end-time restoration/revival once the Jewish nation would be replanted in our land. They pointed to the calling of youth in ...

Community Blogs May 28, 2019 0

You’ve never been this way

Eitan writes, "As in life, God entrusts us with a little and checks how we do. He gives us leaders, guides, trainers who know the way and who prepare us, ...

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Videos Apr 25, 2017 0

VIDEO: Beauty for ashes

Eitan speaks about the Holocaust at Kehilat HaCarmel on April 22, 2017.

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