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Donna Diorio is an American Christian who returned to her childhood faith in 1981 and looking around the church said, "This is great! but where are all the Jews?" That question was answered ten years later when she discovered a Messianic congregation in Dallas. Since 2001, her focus has been to provide a weekly summary of prayer requests from Israeli ministries via a subscription email list to prayer leaders on many continents.

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Top Stories Apr 11, 2018

They’re not just abusing our personal data — they’re censoring us!

Donna writes, "Challenges to freedom of speech that affect the general population are issues that will reach critical mass within the community of faith. We need to be aware of ...

Community News Mar 27, 2018

Symbolic and Traditional Passover Recipes

We want to share some recipes of the wonderful foods, both symbolic and traditional, of the Passover seder that are central to telling the story of the exodus from Egypt ...

Community Blogs Jan 21, 2018

Breaking through

How do we break through the wall of what Christians want to know about Israel into the realm of how God is actually moving by the Spirit of Messiah in ...

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