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David together with his wife, Josie, founded Out of Zion Ministries, whose mission is to fulfill God’s call on Israel as His ‘Chosen Nation’ to be a light to the Nations as well as to encourage the Church to fulfill God’s call to the Gentiles to assist in the spiritual ingathering of the Jewish people.

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Community Blogs May 26, 2019

The state of the nations

David writes, "After learning the result of the Australian general election last Shabbat, it seems like YHVH has once again intervene in Human politics."

Community Blogs Jun 2, 2018

The outlook from Mount Carmel

David writes, "It is nice to be able to be optimistic about the future, but as we continue to monitor the news, we see that all is not well on ...

Community Blogs May 18, 2018

Shabbat Shalom – The most eventful week in recent times is over

David writes, "The most eventful week in recent times in Israel is almost over and the Sabbath is about to begin."

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