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Chava Stein, the granddaughter of Jewish European immigrants to the U.S., made Aliyah to Israel in 1993. Married to an Israeli, they live in the center of the country.

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Community Blogs May 30, 2019

Do-over Israeli election

Chava writes, "Who could have predicted that less than two months after the early Israeli elections – called for by a confident Benjamin Netanyahu, who believed he’d attain a sure ...

Featured Blogs May 3, 2019

[Israel 101] The Challenges for PM Netanyahu of Building a Coalition in the Knesset

Chava writes, "Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the responsibility of building a governmental coalition of at least 61 of the 120 Members of the Knesset.

Community News Apr 3, 2019

Sderot – City of Life – In every sense of the word

It’s not by accident that the only Messianic Jewish congregation in the embattled, border town of Sderot near the Gaza Strip is called City of Life (Ir HaChayim) since it ...

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