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Chava Stein, the granddaughter of Jewish European immigrants to the U.S., made Aliyah to Israel in 1993. Married to an Israeli, they live in the center of the country.

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Israel & the Middle East Jul 29, 2019

[Israel 101] Ever-changing political alliances in Israeli politicians’ quest for power

Chava writes, "Shifting winds are part of the normal Israeli political landscape, but in the world of Israeli political alliances, there is a shelf-life of about a day. What seems ...

Community News Jun 30, 2019

Can Messianic humanitarian organizations aid Israelis as budget is slashed by $1.2 billion?

Believing humanitarian aid organizations in the land of Israel – which help both believers and unbelievers alike – have long supplied food, clothing, baby supplies, military equipment, furniture, paper goods, ...

Israel & the Middle East Jun 26, 2019

The Iran-Israel connection – Is there one?

Chava writes, "So even though the conflict seems to be between Iran and the U.S., the question is whether any of this will impact Israel?"

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