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Mar 2, 2016

Why Anti-Israel Boycott Is a ‘Mockery’ of the South African Struggle

Olga Meshoe, the daughter of a member of the South African Parliament, who grew up under the apartheid system, says, "When I hear that Israel is an apartheid state... I ...

Feb 8, 2016

‘Israel Should Be in Every Christian’s Top Ten Prayer List’

Praying for Israel should be in every Christian's top 10 most important prayer items, Eliyahu Ben-Haim, chairman of the Intercessors for Israel (IFI) in Jerusalem, said.

Dec 1, 2015

Israel: The World’s Water Superpower

The planet is on the brink of a global water crisis and California's drought is only the beginning. In remarkable defiance of this water emergency stands Israel.

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Videos Apr 12, 2019

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu stays in power as Israel “lands” on moon

History in the making as Netanyahu set to become Israel’s prime minister for the fifth time; and bittersweet for Beresheet — Israel’s spacecraft orbits the moon but crash lands on ...

Videos Feb 23, 2019

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: Israeli spacecraft takes off for the moon

Israel on its way to the moon, set to become the fourth country to soft land there; plus a historic economic forum brings Israeli & Palestinian business people together; and ...

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