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Israel News Mar 2, 2016

Why Anti-Israel Boycott Is a ‘Mockery’ of the South African Struggle

Olga Meshoe, the daughter of a member of the South African Parliament, who grew up under the apartheid system, says, "When I hear that Israel is an apartheid state... I ...

Israel News Feb 8, 2016

‘Israel Should Be in Every Christian’s Top Ten Prayer List’

Praying for Israel should be in every Christian's top 10 most important prayer items, Eliyahu Ben-Haim, chairman of the Intercessors for Israel (IFI) in Jerusalem, said.

Community Blogs Dec 1, 2015

Israel: The World’s Water Superpower

The planet is on the brink of a global water crisis and California's drought is only the beginning. In remarkable defiance of this water emergency stands Israel.

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Videos Apr 12, 2019

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: Netanyahu stays in power as Israel “lands” on moon

History in the making as Netanyahu set to become Israel’s prime minister for the fifth time; and bittersweet for Beresheet — Israel’s spacecraft orbits the moon but crash lands on ...

Videos Feb 23, 2019

VIDEO: Jerusalem Dateline: Israeli spacecraft takes off for the moon

Israel on its way to the moon, set to become the fourth country to soft land there; plus a historic economic forum brings Israeli & Palestinian business people together; and ...

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