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Agnieszka holds a graduate degree of divinity at Spurgeon's College, London, England and MA in Holocaust and Genocide Studies at University of Haifa. She been living in Haifa, Israel for the last 4 years where I she met her husband Nahum. She nad her husband are members of Kerem El Congregation in Haifa. She has served in various churches in the UK, Canada, and Africa, as well as Poland, including organising missions, training leaders, and regularly speaking about the prophetic message of Father God, as well as Israel, in those countries. She enjoys sharing what God puts on her heart in order to challenge her own and others' growth in relationship with Him.

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Sep 4, 2018

The gift of compassion

I have been challenged recently on the topic of compassion. Perhaps we often hear that message, but we know well that the world is filled with indifference, selfish gain and ...

Aug 1, 2018

The key to reformation

Agnieszka writes, "One of those Shabbat days, I was standing in worship and feeling desperate, I felt also the worship team was making a great effort to usher God’s presence. ...

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