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In dreams begins responsibility. Adam Lee Rosenfeld, of the indie rock band Har Adonai, shares his lifelong pursuit of finding and creating beauty and truth. Check out more episodes here

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Community Blogs Jun 14, 2019

Your art has nothing to do with your emotions

Adam writes, " used to live in the past, so much so that I tried to make a whole album about it. Which got scrapped. Today, as I finish up ...

Community Blogs Jun 2, 2019

What you destroy is just as important as what you create

Adam writes, "Why did I take my music off the shelves and trash it? Because sometimes, as an artist, what you destroy can be just as important as what you ...

Community Blogs May 24, 2019

John Baldessari’s 3 rules for artists

Adam writes, "Sometimes you might come across someone who’s older and more experienced than you, and they offer to share from their wisdom. It would then be a good idea ...

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Videos Jun 8, 2018

VIDEO: Turning Pro

For years I struggled in life. I was torn. I was drawn to one culture, but I was a part of another culture. A childhood in suburban America gave me ...

Videos May 25, 2018

VIDEO: “King of My Heart” by John Mark and Sarah McMillan

There are lots of people out there singing “King of My Heart”. Maybe you sing it too. Here’s my take on that song.

Videos May 20, 2018

VIDEO: Angry at the Moon

Fatherhood is a strange thing. I am a father. I also have a father. Plus, I have a Heavenly Father, and a handful of other people who have been like ...

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