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In dreams begins responsibility. Adam Lee Rosenfeld, of the indie rock band Har Adonai, shares his lifelong pursuit of finding and creating beauty and truth. Check out more episodes here.

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Community Blogs May 19, 2019

The ten commandments and being a one-trick pony

Adam writes, "Do you know the one thing that you’re about? What is that unique value that you bring to others? Can you whittle it down to one clear sentence? ...

Community Blogs May 12, 2019

The need to make a dent in the universe

Adam writes, "Do you feel the need to make a dent in the universe? I think we all do. But what about our other needs, like food, water, shelter, money, ...

Community Blogs Apr 11, 2019

Kevin Costner’s Waterworld and getting stuck in your most important projects

Adam writes, "Have you ever got stuck on a project you’re working on? Have you ever reached what author Seth Godin calls “The Dip”? Here’s what I’m doing about it…"

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Videos Jun 8, 2018

VIDEO: Turning Pro

For years I struggled in life. I was torn. I was drawn to one culture, but I was a part of another culture. A childhood in suburban America gave me ...

Videos May 25, 2018

VIDEO: “King of My Heart” by John Mark and Sarah McMillan

There are lots of people out there singing “King of My Heart”. Maybe you sing it too. Here’s my take on that song.

Videos May 20, 2018

VIDEO: Angry at the Moon

Fatherhood is a strange thing. I am a father. I also have a father. Plus, I have a Heavenly Father, and a handful of other people who have been like ...

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