Archeological Discoveries

One For Israel Staff Jan 2, 2019

Hide and seek: archaeological discoveries of 2018 shed light on the Bible

"Like a game of hide and seek, it’s almost comedic how often priceless archaeological treasures pop up in this ancient land! And very often they bring a message or insight ...

One For Israel Staff Nov 30, 2018

The unexpected significance of the Dead Sea Scrolls

"It was November, 1947. The learned professor studied the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls to try and ascertain if they were as important as he dared to suspect."

Kehila News Israel Staff Nov 28, 2018

Israeli archaeologists discover Yeshua painted on stone

The discovery of Yeshua’s face in a Byzantine church in the Negev Desert shows a more Jewish Jesus than the long-haired Christ portrayed in later European art.

Kevin Gyllenberg Jul 24, 2018

Casual archaeology

Being married to a lecturer of archaeology has a tendency to get me also out into the field, literally. These pots took my supervisor and I six months to put ...

Chris Mitchell Jun 1, 2018

Etched in Stone: A Bible-based guide to archaeology and Israel

Israel is home to some of the world's greatest archaeological treasures and scientists often link their direct finds to the Bible. Now you can make those same connections in a ...

One For Israel Staff May 7, 2018

Biblical archaeological treasures: Signed, sealed and delivered!

“For the Freedom of Zion!” Declared the Hebrew inscription on the ancient bronze coins found in a cave that had been sealed for 2,000 years – ironically just in time ...

Amir Tsarfati May 5, 2018

Israel discovers hidden script on Dead Sea Scroll fragments using NASA technology

Using advanced imaging technology from NASA, Israeli archeologists were able to decipher previously unknown text and letters from hundreds of tiny fragments from the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Tzippe Barrow Mar 27, 2018

Treasure trove of ancient Jewish ‘freedom coins’ just in time for Passover

Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar uncovered a rare treasure trove of bronze coins from the time of the Jewish revolt against the Romans more than 1,900 years ago.

Karen Faulkner Mar 25, 2018

Ancient mosaic in Israel describes Jesus as God

An Israeli prison in Megiddo will be transformed into an archaeological park showcasing the major Roman-era archaeological remains that have been discovered underneath it including the remains of an ancient ...

Tzippe Barrow Feb 24, 2018

‘Isaiah’ seal: More evidence of Biblical narrative

Archaeologists believe they may have found another piece of evidence that confirms the Bible narrative. Hebrew University of Jerusalem archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar presented her team's findings on a clay ...