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Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 18, 2019

Annexation of the Jordan Valley – empty campaign promise or real intention?

Before the elections, Netanyahu promised his voters to annex the Jordan valley. But what does that even mean? Annexing means that you declare the area to be a part of ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 17, 2019

Daily News Summary for September 17, 2019

Voter Turnout: As of 6PM Israel time, the voter turnout stood at 53.3%. This is a 1.5% increase in turnout as compared to the April elections from earlier this year. ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 16, 2019

Daily Israeli News Summary for September 16, 2019

Welcome to our new Daily News Summary section of Kehila News. We will give you a brief glimpse into the top news and stories in Israel as well as cultural ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 16, 2019

Israeli voters apathetic about this week’s elections

With no dearth of dire national issues facing Israel including threats from both the northern and southern borders and nuclear armament in Iran, it is perhaps incongruous that voters are ...

Chris Mitchell Sep 15, 2019

Evangelical Leaders See the Untold Story of Saudi Arabia in ‘Historic’ Trip

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia – For just the second time in less than a year, a delegation of US evangelical Christian leaders accepted an invitation to visit Saudi Arabia and its ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Sep 11, 2019

Evangelical Delegation meets with Saudi Crown Prince on eve of 9/11 anniversary. Here’s why.

The following is a press release our Evangelical Delegation issued on Tuesday, September 10: (Jedda, Saudi Arabia) — On the eve of the 18th anniversary of the September 11th tragedy, ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 31, 2019

Rabbinate, MOI making it harder to prove one’s Jewishness

Would the Jewish homeland close its doors to a large percentage of people because they are unable to meet the bureaucratic and oppressive criteria while they escape the threat of ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 16, 2019

Mother, son killed in car accident while father fights for his life

A fatal car accident has devastated the Messianic community in Israel after Sophie Rosetsky and her 2-month-old baby, Itay, were killed when a truck plowed into their car last Thursday.

Violet Chemiker Jul 3, 2019

“Family March” held in Haifa ahead of Gay Pride Parade

This year, for the first time, secular and religious Israelis organized a countermarch in Haifa in support of traditional family values.

Paul Calvert Jul 1, 2019

Providing the environment and skills to enable disabled young people to fly

In part 3, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels about the incredible sports facilities and programmes they have, currently benefiting thousands of disabled young people in Israel.