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Kehila News Israel Staff May 8, 2019

Israelis celebrate Independence Day as anti-Semitism spikes around the world and Iran continues its quest for nuclear weapons

Israel’s Independence Day, Yom Haatzmaut, begins with an emotional transition from the sullenness of Memorial Day to a raucous celebration of freedom.

Kehila News Israel Staff May 8, 2019

We remember 23,741 soldiers and our fallen from the Messianic Community

Today, May 8, 2019, is Memorial Day (Yom HaZikaron), and the nation of Israel remembers the 23,741 soldiers who have been killed in battle and 3,150 victims of terrorist attacks. ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 7, 2019

Israelis mark Memorial Day with fresh round of victims from weekend attacks

As the sirens sound in Israel on the eve and morning of Memorial Day, Israelis will remember the nation’s fallen including, poignantly, the four civilians who lost their lives this ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 6, 2019

After 600 rockets and four dead, Israel reaches (temporary) ceasefire with Hamas

After two days in which more than 600 rockets were fired at Israel killing four people, Israel agreed to a ceasefire with Hamas in the Gaza Strip — a decision ...

ICEJ Staff May 6, 2019

Christians respond to latest Gaza escalation

After Israel absorbed over 700 rockets fired from Gaza over the weekend, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sent a delegation to the western Negev region on Monday to assess the ...

Avner Boskey May 5, 2019

Mayday in Gaza

Over the past few days Gazan Islamist terror groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas have directed substantial rocket attacks against towns and cities of Israeli civilians (both Jews and Arabs).

Kehila News Israel Staff May 5, 2019

Israel under siege as hundreds of rockets rain down on the country

Israelis were reeling from another day of violence after more than 450 rockets were fired from Gaza in one day, killing one man, a father of four whose home absorbed ...

Howard Bass May 4, 2019

[Prayer Alert] Rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks

As I write (about 6:15pm), once again there are rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks taking place along the Gaza border area, as well as cities beyond, such as Ashkelon, ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 2, 2019

In somber fashion, Israel marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israelis stood this morning in commemoration of the Holocaust as sirens sounded throughout the country for two minutes, a time to remember the 6 million who perished during the genocide ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Apr 12, 2019

Are there differences between how American Evangelicals and Israeli believers view Netanyahu and his reelection?

In the wake of our national elections, I did a series of interviews yesterday with American media outlets discussing the results, including with John Jessup and Jenna Browder, hosts of ...