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Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 31, 2019

Rabbinate, MOI making it harder to prove one’s Jewishness

Would the Jewish homeland close its doors to a large percentage of people because they are unable to meet the bureaucratic and oppressive criteria while they escape the threat of ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 16, 2019

Mother, son killed in car accident while father fights for his life

A fatal car accident has devastated the Messianic community in Israel after Sophie Rosetsky and her 2-month-old baby, Itay, were killed when a truck plowed into their car last Thursday.

Violet Chemiker Jul 3, 2019

“Family March” held in Haifa ahead of Gay Pride Parade

This year, for the first time, secular and religious Israelis organized a countermarch in Haifa in support of traditional family values.

Paul Calvert Jul 1, 2019

Providing the environment and skills to enable disabled young people to fly

In part 3, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels about the incredible sports facilities and programmes they have, currently benefiting thousands of disabled young people in Israel.

Paul Calvert Jun 17, 2019

Living as equals among equals with disability

In part 2, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels from Shalva about the types of disability their clients have, their successful volunteer programme, and the difference their disabled clients are ...

Paul Calvert Jun 15, 2019

Transforming the lives of children with disabilities and their families in Israel

In part 1, Paul Calvert spoke with Kalman Samuels, the co-founder of Shalva, about his son Yossi's injury, and how that led to the founding of the most advanced centre ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jun 4, 2019

Clashes erupt on Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day

Israelis celebrated the 52nd anniversary of Jerusalem’s reunification under Israeli rule on Sunday while clashes broke out on the Temple Mount between Muslims and Jews who were allowed up to ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 30, 2019

Knesset members vote to dissolve, new elections set for Sept. 17

Israelis will be going to the polls for the second time in half a year after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a government with enough coalition members, an ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 27, 2019

Haredi conscription law about to foil Netanyahu’s attempt to build a coalition

With the deadline looming to form a government by tomorrow, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was preparing instead to go to new elections as he has been unable to form a ...

One For Israel Staff May 26, 2019

Blazing fires in Israel

"Israel is burning. Fires are ripping through the scorched countryside, causing destruction and havoc. Brutally hot temperatures, high winds and low humidity have created conditions prone to wild fires, and ...