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FLAME: a poem in memory of my dear departed friends Eddie and Yeshai, of blessed memory


The searing flame subsides but not diminished

as youth presses springtime into fall,

dross and thorns burned and purged

to clear the fields and open hidden vistas

eclipsed by illusion and wistful vanities,

scorching weeds of perfidy and superfluity

to expose the deep wells of mourning and joy

sprung forth to rekindle in a refreshing breeze

a divine flame focused to a white-hot beam

penetrating delusions and wild speculations

and severing arms of untruths in mercy,

quixotic in scope as time begins to vanish

and the last horizon draws ever nearer,

till fields are ripe and the wheat fat with grain

white unto harvest to the garners of Heaven,

a bright flame extinguished in this world

to shine above in perpetuity.

Elhanan, left, with Yeshai Reinhardt
Elhanan ben-Avraham

Elhanan ben-Avraham, born in 1945, is a professional artist, poet, writer and father of two, grandfather of four, living in Israel since 1979. He has served in the IDF, taught the Bible internationally, published two illustrated books of poetry, and painted two large Biblical murals in public buildings in Jerusalem, among many other works. He and his wife live in a quiet village in the Mountains of Judah.