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Asher Intrater May 5, 2019

Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 2)

Asher writes, "When the disciples asked Yeshua in Acts 1:7 if the kingdom would be established in Israel at that time, He did not say it would not happen. He ...

Moran Rosenblit May 4, 2019

Be holy!

Moran writes, "The first two verses of this week’s portion are key for us to understand who God is, what He is, and what is His desire for us."

Chava Stein May 3, 2019

[Israel 101] The Challenges for PM Netanyahu of Building a Coalition in the Knesset

Chava writes, "Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the responsibility of building a governmental coalition of at least 61 of the 120 Members of the Knesset.

Joseph Shulam May 2, 2019

A biblical explanation of Israel’s days of remembrance

Joseph writes, "The most important reasons why we must remember are that we don’t want to forget, nor do we want the next generations of Jewish people and the people ...

David S. Apr 30, 2019

The blood cries out

David writes, "To which blood will we add our cry? Which voice will we affirm? With our thoughts and our words we are interceding, praying for others in one of ...

One For Israel Staff Apr 29, 2019

Praying for the persecuted

Hundreds were martyred in Sri Lanka recently for simply being in church. One of our graduates from our Bible College now serves as a pastor in one of the cities ...

Asher Intrater Apr 28, 2019

Restoring the Kingdom to Israel (Part 1)

Asher writes, "Believers in Yeshua today, in every country and ethnic group, are called to serve and finish what the original apostolic community started. We have the same great commission ...

Guy Cohen Apr 27, 2019

Boasting in Whom?

Guy writes, "Each of us should be proud of the fact that we belong first and foremost to Yeshua. Then we will be able to stand in unity and love."

Eitan Shishkoff Apr 26, 2019

True community – Emotional health

Eitan writes, "This is the gospel, beloved. Not a perfect, outwardly beautiful life. But the redemption of Yeshua, working in us daily, by the power of His sacrifice. How can ...

Dr. Katherine Snyder Apr 24, 2019

A new heart: Grace and truth in biblical counseling

Katherine writes, "Biblical counseling is the art of speaking the truth in love. It is the process of change from the inside out, not just behavior modification."