Community News

KKCJ Staff Jun 11, 2019

VIDEO: HaSneh HaBoer // Ethiopian Congregation

Watch about how God is blessing the Ethiopian community of HaSneh HaBoer (the Burning Bush) in the Haifa area, in the King of Kings Family of Ministries.

Eitan Shishkoff Jun 8, 2019

Pay it forward – The Harvest of Katzir youth camps

Eitan writes, "The ancient prophets were united in emphasizing this end-time restoration/revival once the Jewish nation would be replanted in our land. They pointed to the calling of youth in ...

Shelly Greenberg Jun 6, 2019

Love thy neighbor – On the attacks at the worship concert in Jerusalem

Shelly writes, "As a Sabra, a native born Israeli to a Yemenite father and an Egyptian-Libyan mother, always living in the land, never did I think that I would have ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jun 4, 2019

One personal experience from the violent protest at the Messianic concert in Jerusalem

One concert goer describes his experience of the violent protest by Orthodox extremists.

Kehila News Israel Staff Jun 3, 2019

Angry mob protests outside Messianic concert in Jerusalem

Dozens of members of an Orthodox Jewish organization violently rioted outside a Messianic concert in downtown Jerusalem, physically threatening concert goers and injuring several in a frenzied mob scene at ...

Kehila News Israel Staff May 22, 2019

Christian TV studio in Jerusalem destroyed by arsonist

An arsonist destroyed a Christian television studio in Jerusalem over the weekend, apparently throwing an incendiary device into the studio, which was closed and, thankfully, unoccupied on Saturday night.

Estera Wieja May 22, 2019

More than coffee – HaOgen Cafe redefines hospitality

HaOgen Coffee Bar is an initiative of the Dugit Outreach Center, a long-standing ministry based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paul Calvert May 12, 2019

Exploring the history of CMJ and their influence in Israel

Paul Calvert spoke with Dr Garth Gilmour, the Executive Director of CMJ, about their work pioneering modern medical treatment in Jerusalem, and Christian education.

Estera Wieja May 12, 2019

Worship journey through the Land of God – Ascend Carmel Program

Earlier this spring almost 50 people from 14 countries arrived in Israel to join local Israeli worshippers, with their hearts ready for a divine encounter.

Barnabas Israel Staff May 11, 2019

Pioneer work among the Bedouins in the Negev

Barnabas Israel in an NGO based in the Negev that provides humanitarian aid and educational support to Bedouin families from unrecognised villages.