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Estera Wieja May 22, 2019

More than coffee – HaOgen Cafe redefines hospitality

HaOgen Coffee Bar is an initiative of the Dugit Outreach Center, a long-standing ministry based in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Paul Calvert May 12, 2019

Exploring the history of CMJ and their influence in Israel

Paul Calvert spoke with Dr Garth Gilmour, the Executive Director of CMJ, about their work pioneering modern medical treatment in Jerusalem, and Christian education.

Estera Wieja May 12, 2019

Worship journey through the Land of God – Ascend Carmel Program

Earlier this spring almost 50 people from 14 countries arrived in Israel to join local Israeli worshippers, with their hearts ready for a divine encounter.

Barnabas Israel Staff May 11, 2019

Pioneer work among the Bedouins in the Negev

Barnabas Israel in an NGO based in the Negev that provides humanitarian aid and educational support to Bedouin families from unrecognised villages.

ICEJ Staff May 6, 2019

Christians respond to latest Gaza escalation

After Israel absorbed over 700 rockets fired from Gaza over the weekend, the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem sent a delegation to the western Negev region on Monday to assess the ...

Howard Bass May 4, 2019

[Prayer Alert] Rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks

As I write (about 6:15pm), once again there are rocket barrages and Israeli air attacks taking place along the Gaza border area, as well as cities beyond, such as Ashkelon, ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Apr 25, 2019

Messianic believer interviewed on Israeli English TV about Passover

Messianic Israeli leader, Ron Cantor, was interviewed this week in the studio of i24 News, which is Israel’s 24-hour news channel in English. i24 News reaches Jewish people and evangelicals ...

Joel C. Rosenberg Apr 23, 2019

This Passover/Easter weekend, there are some 1 million Jewish followers of Jesus in the world. I’m one of them. Here’s why.

Joel writes, "My hope and prayer is that as you listen to the story, it will encourage you in your own faith, and that it will be something you can ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Apr 18, 2019

Believers in Israel organize Passover outreaches around the country

Many Messianic and Christian organizations in Israel also use this time to reach out to people in need. Kehila News Israel interviewed three of them about what they do to ...

Lisa Loden Apr 18, 2019

The 6th Israel Business Forum – Experiencing Transformation!

The 6th Israel Business Forum produced by Israel Firstfruits Center, in partnership with E.L.Y Israel, took place on March 10-16.