Community News

Eitan Shishkoff Sep 11, 2019

Youth in search of identity

Eitan writes, "Identity. We all want to know who we are. But during the teen years the quest is both intensified and, at times, desperate ― even excruciating."

Jackie Santoro Sep 10, 2019

Updates from the fall season

Jackie writes, "Please keep all these situations in prayer. We shall reap a reward if we do not grow weary!"

Karen Royel Sep 6, 2019

“Flowers Will Fade”; New music video from up and coming Galilee worship team

Lightwaves Worship, located near the western shores of the Galilee, has released their first music video; “Flowers will Fade.” The original song was written by husband and wife team, Moshe ...

FIRM Staff Sep 5, 2019

Jews for Jesus in Israel boldly speaks up about the Jewish Messiah

Jews for Jesus works day and night to get the good news of the Messiah to the Israeli people. They are able to accomplish that through weekly outreaches, one-on-one visits, ...

Gilbert Carthigasu Sep 1, 2019

Oneness: Asia Messianic Forum 2019

The AMF was formed primarily for the purpose of bringing together churches and organizations in Asia with a heart for Israel to see God’s redemptive plan fulfilled.

Healthcare Believers Fellowship Sep 1, 2019

Encouraging and equipping healthcare workers in Israel

HBF is first about people! Believing healthcare workers often feel very lonely and under attack at their workplace; and they are unaware that other believers are working in the same ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Sep 1, 2019

Messianic woman preaches Gospel while under attack by religious mob

A bold Messianic woman in Jerusalem fearlessly preached the Gospel while surrounded by an angry mob who threw objects at her, spit on her and threatened to kill her.

Karen Royel Aug 27, 2019

Korean leader Abraham Keum is taking the verse “walk by faith” to action in Israel

The ministry has organized an event called “WalkPray” which will span the length of Israel. Starting on Oct. 15, participants from around the world will set out from Eilat – ...

Julie Samuel Aug 21, 2019

Second All Israel Conference held in Singapore: Building spiritual bridges

The second All Israel Conference was recently held on August 2-3, 2019 in Singapore to build bridges and connect Messianic leaders from Israel with the local Body of Christ in ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Aug 18, 2019

Anti-missionaries publish incendiary article against Messianic couple

An Israeli website ran an incendiary article about a Messianic couple that has led to a complaint filed against them with the police and thousands of harassing phone calls by ...