World Events

Donna Diorio Sep 3, 2019

Conflict: At the intersection of Israel-support & terrorism (Part 2) – Myth-busting with fact checking

Donna writes, "It is frustrating to me that so many, including Messianic Jews, have been persuaded with the false argument that it is the political "alt-right," not the Islamist-supporting Left ...

Jamie Cowen Aug 18, 2019

Friends don’t diss friends

Jamie writes, "Whereas most Congressional Democrats had either condemned their earlier rhetoric or made clear that their party was adamantly pro-Israel, this most recent faux pas by the Prime Minister ...

Kehila News Israel Staff Jul 31, 2019

Who are members of ‘The Squad’ and why are they bad for Israel?

One has to wonder whether the next generation of American politicians are on track to endanger America’s strong ties with Israel — and what that will mean for the Jewish ...

Paul Calvert Jul 25, 2019

Anti-semitism and Western Europe

Josh Reinstein from the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus talks about his work building relationships between Jews and Christians direct from Parliament; and the effects the BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) ...

David Silver May 26, 2019

The state of the nations

David writes, "After learning the result of the Australian general election last Shabbat, it seems like YHVH has once again intervene in Human politics."

Aaron Hecht May 20, 2019

The handwriting on the wall

Aaron writes, "Freedom of Religion, and indeed democracy as we’ve always thought of it, is living on borrowed time."

Joni Koski Feb 11, 2019

Brexit and messing with covenant

Joni writes, "The events shaking the UK, with its legacy of Christian faith and birthing of modern democracy, are truly remarkable. The core issue is one of covenant."

Joel C. Rosenberg Jan 27, 2019

Four Jewish heroes escaped Auschwitz to tell the world what the Nazis were doing

Joel writes, "Several years go, I wrote a book called The Auschwitz Escape to help people rediscover what these men did and why. On this #HolocaustRemembranceDay, I hope you and ...

Stan Goodenough Dec 23, 2018

Australia’s new stance on Jerusalem – half-right, or all wrong?

Stan writes, "Australia’s recognition of “Western Jerusalem” can only perpetuate the Arab-Israeli conflict, not, as the Labor Party fallaciously charges, because it supports Israel’s claim to half the city, but ...

Jamie Cowen Dec 23, 2018

Trump’s Syrian policy undermines Israel’s security

Jamie writes, "For end-time prophecy followers, last week was a big week. Many end-time prophecy scenarios forecast an alliance of Russia, Iran and other “northern” countries against Israel and a ...