Life & Society

Adam Lee Rosenfeld May 19, 2019

The ten commandments and being a one-trick pony

Adam writes, "Do you know the one thing that you’re about? What is that unique value that you bring to others? Can you whittle it down to one clear sentence? ...

Simcha Natan May 17, 2019

The secret prayer of breakthrough in your life

Simcha writes, "A sentence that I find myself saying over and over is ‘the principles of the Kingdom are always the opposite fo the world’. I think this is as ...

Adam Lee Rosenfeld May 12, 2019

The need to make a dent in the universe

Adam writes, "Do you feel the need to make a dent in the universe? I think we all do. But what about our other needs, like food, water, shelter, money, ...

Eitan Shishkoff Apr 26, 2019

True community – Emotional health

Eitan writes, "This is the gospel, beloved. Not a perfect, outwardly beautiful life. But the redemption of Yeshua, working in us daily, by the power of His sacrifice. How can ...

Dr. Katherine Snyder Apr 24, 2019

A new heart: Grace and truth in biblical counseling

Katherine writes, "Biblical counseling is the art of speaking the truth in love. It is the process of change from the inside out, not just behavior modification."

Simcha Natan Apr 12, 2019

The introverted people person

Simcha writes, "Sometimes introverts can assume that they mustn’t be people people. I think the ‘introverted people person’ is a special and deliberate breed, because God has made us with ...

Adam Lee Rosenfeld Apr 11, 2019

Kevin Costner’s Waterworld and getting stuck in your most important projects

Adam writes, "Have you ever got stuck on a project you’re working on? Have you ever reached what author Seth Godin calls “The Dip”? Here’s what I’m doing about it…"

Maayan Leonard Mar 25, 2019

Imprints in the lives of those around us

Maayan writes, "One day we will not be here any longer, and those coming to faith during the big tribulation might need to only lean on these “Imprints” in their ...

Adam Lee Rosenfeld Mar 10, 2019

Skateboarding taught me how to be an artist

Adam writes, "What can Craig’s decision teach us about making art? And how can we, as artists (that means you, buddy) create a place for others to get lost in?"

Adam Lee Rosenfeld Feb 19, 2019

Whiskey, start-ups, and the problem with transactional communities

Adam writes, "If you’re looking for real change – in your life, in your society, in the world – you need a community that has grandpas and grandmas, and babies, ...