Israel & the Middle East

Shira Sorko-Ram May 17, 2019

Israel turns right

Shira writes, "After a real cliff-hanger, it turned out that the election on April 9 gave Benjamin Netanyahu a comfortable majority in Israel’s Knesset. So what does this election say ...

Joni Koski May 14, 2019

Inheriting Zion

Joni writes, "Inheriting Zion is perhaps the world’s biggest controversy, after the issue of Yeshua being God! The word ‘Zion’ refers to Jerusalem, but is also used to describe the ...

Daniel Juster May 12, 2019

Zionism and justice

Daniel writes, "Most justice commentators and policy makers today ignore the most important point: God is the owner of the whole earth, He has the right to allocate land as ...

Avner Boskey May 6, 2019

The day after the barrage of rockets on Israel

Avner writes, "In 48 hours a total of 690 rockets and mortars were fired against Israeli civilians by the Islamist jihadi terror groups Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad."

Chava Stein May 3, 2019

[Israel 101] The Challenges for PM Netanyahu of Building a Coalition in the Knesset

Chava writes, "Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has the responsibility of building a governmental coalition of at least 61 of the 120 Members of the Knesset.

Joseph Shulam May 2, 2019

A biblical explanation of Israel’s days of remembrance

Joseph writes, "The most important reasons why we must remember are that we don’t want to forget, nor do we want the next generations of Jewish people and the people ...

Ron Cantor Apr 10, 2019

The phenomenon that is Bibi – Election Day

One evening so many years ago, I was sitting with my wife in a Tel Aviv restaurant. The only seats were in the smoking area. As I walked in, I ...

Ron Cantor Apr 10, 2019

Bibi wins unprecedented fifth term! Here is what it means

Ron writes, "I woke up just before 7 a.m. to see that…drumroll please…Benjamin Netanyahu has won a fifth term as prime minister of Israel."

Carolyn Hyde Apr 10, 2019

Thoughts on this election in Israel from Daniel 2

Carolyn writes, "Throughout the election campaigns here in Israel, I’ve been drawn to read Daniel 2 almost daily. We seem to have a winner (although one thing I’ve learned from ...

Elhanan ben-Avraham Apr 3, 2019

War crimes

Elhanan writes, "But the surreal part of all this is that there is no media coverage until Israel responds to the missile attacks in defense of its civilian population, and ...