Biblical Teachings

Ron Cantor Sep 17, 2019

Prophetic dream: To whom are you accountable?

Ron writes, "So many problems in the Body today could be quickly resolved if leaders were accountable to other leaders. I do believe God is highlighting this issue through the ...

Moran Rosenblit Sep 14, 2019

Does the Word contradict itself?

Moran writes, "What can we take away from this? If nothing else, please know that each person — including you — will have to give an account to God!"

Eric Tokajer Sep 14, 2019

Open your eyes and see your salvation

Eric writes, "This is the message that G-D is still speaking to the Jewish people today. I know you need grace. I know you feel forsaken and forgotten. Open your ...

Asher Intrater Sep 13, 2019

Lion and lamb (Part 1)

Asher writes, "There are two images of the Messiah throughout the Law and the Prophets. One is a suffering servant; the other is conquering king."

Dr. Katherine Snyder Sep 10, 2019

God is not codependent

Katherine writes, "Let’s face it. God is not afraid to upset us. We ask why aren’t prayers answered the way we want? Why does God seem so remote at times?"

Daniel Juster Sep 8, 2019

Building a fence around the Torah

Daniel writes, "My own view is that Believers need to keep God’s commandments through the power of Yeshua. We should also honor worthy and beautiful traditions and applications, but not ...

Eric Tokajer Sep 7, 2019

Are you causing people to blaspheme?

Eric writes, "Have you ever heard something come out of someone’s mouth that was so contrary to who you thought that person was that you simply didn’t have a file ...

Moran Rosenblit Sep 7, 2019

Confronting a fellow believer, God’s way

Moran writes, "Our text this week is another reminder that God’s justice is different from our human sense of justice!"

Tuvia Pollack Sep 6, 2019

Should Christians study rabbinic literature?

Tuvia writes, "What did Jesus do with extra-biblical rabbinical teachings? Yes, he spoke against some of them. Other traditions he kept."

Andrey Teplinsky Sep 2, 2019

Governance: Biblical Perspective (Part 1)

Andrey writes, "How should the Christians treat the political life of society? Should we show interest in politics, or is it something “secular”, something we do not have a direct ...