Biblical Teachings

One For Israel Staff Jul 17, 2019 1

Jesus a Palestinian?!

"Given that Jesus only ever “identified” as a member of the house of Israel, it does seem a bit rude to recast his heritage to be something other, even if ...

Richard Honorof Jul 17, 2019 1

Why pre trib rapture of Yeshua’s bride is not possible

Richard writes, "In Yeshua’s Body, His Bride are His best soldiers on the planet. They are the ones whom He can trust to carry out His most difficult assignments."

Elhanan ben-Avraham Jul 17, 2019 0

“My sheep hear my voice”

Elhanan writes, "Like that of my brother, or of my children and wife and friends, I knew it was his and no other."

Carolyn Hyde Jul 16, 2019 0

Scrutinize (zeritah) my path

Carolyn writes, "So ultimately, the L-rd uses winnowing for our benefit as He promises that after He scatters us, He will faithfully gather us and keep us as a shepherd ...

Ron Cantor Jul 14, 2019 3

Is the Genesis 12:3 ‘Bless Israel’ promise still valid?

Ron writes, "If the land promised was to Abraham’s descendants, what about the promise of blessing and curse?"

Asher Intrater Jul 13, 2019 0

Parental transfer (Part 2)

Asher writes, "The second reference to parents in the Ten Commandments describes the positive mechanism of receiving blessings from God through our parents."

Eric Tokajer Jul 13, 2019 0

Callings are to lift up, not to lift us up

Eric writes, "So remember in G-D’s eyes we are all equal. One’s calling does not make one better than another because though our callings are all different, each are equally ...

Moran Rosenblit Jul 13, 2019 0

Out of the mouth of… a donkey?

Moran writes, "In our weekly portion one reads the famous account of Balaam and his donkey as they were on their way to Balak, who was the King of Moav."

Leon Mazin Jul 12, 2019 0

The gifts and recovering man’s calling

Leon writes, "I believe that when a person is in harmony with God’s Spirit, creativity is increased and he is better able to generate ideas, “mastermind” plans and complete projects."

Howard Bass Jul 12, 2019 0

Gen 11: Progressing from the general to the chosen

Howard writes, "Noah and his sons and wives all knew who the true God was, and of His judgment for sin. Noah was the best in his generation, who found ...