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One For Israel Staff Oct 15, 2019

Take off your shoes

"And when you put your shoes on, consider Peter, dazed and confused, getting ready to take his next steps into freedom and the adventures God had for him."

Tuvia Pollack Oct 14, 2019

You shall rejoice before the Lord your God for seven days

There is a saying that all Jewish holidays can be summed up with “They tried to kill us, they failed, let’s eat.” But this is not true about Sukkot. Actually, ...

Dustin Herron Oct 14, 2019

Temporarily dwelling here and now – Feast of Tabernacles and Sukkot

Dustin writes, "It is the final of the seven moedim cycle and it ends with a massive celebration – just as Heaven is the culmination of time, when we are ...

Shira Sorko-Ram Oct 14, 2019

Israel couldn’t live without it – The power of God’s Word! (Part 1)

Shira writes, "Have you ever thought about how God dealt with his people before there was the written Word of God?"

Carolyn Hyde Oct 13, 2019

Intercessory dentistry

Carolyn writes, "Now lately I’ve been in somewhat of a fog, spirituality. But today after almost half an hour of banging on that tooth to remove my crown, I heard ...

Karen Royel Oct 12, 2019

Release of new worship song, Melech, by Jerusalem artist Birgitta Veksler

The song was written and performed along with the FellowshipofArtists, who "helps grow and develop Israeli worship in Israel – with both Jewish and Arab Israeli believers in Yeshua."

Moran Rosenblit Oct 12, 2019

Heeding His warnings

Moran writes, "Are you heeding the LORD’s warnings in your walk with Him? He loves you and seeks to bless you; please do not take His grace in vain."

Eric Tokajer Oct 12, 2019

A cover-up of a cover-up of a cover-up

Eric writes, "These two cover-ups established by religious groups has kept their followers from seeing the original Biblical, G-D ordained cover-up of Yom Kippur..."

Kehila News Israel Staff Oct 11, 2019

Antisemitic attack in Europe – again

Only a strong locked door prevented a major terror attack with dozens killed. The Jewish community is still in shock, and questions have been raised...

Joel C. Rosenberg Oct 10, 2019

Yom Kippur, how can Jews receive atonement without a Temple in Jerusalem and the sacrifice of a perfect lamb?

It’s a particular interesting time of the year to discuss this topic because at sundown, some 17 million Jews — in Israel and around the world — will observe “Yom ...