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David S. Jun 16, 2019

Are we a kingdom divided against itself?

David writes, "Every kingdom, every city, and every house – this is true of the world wide body of believers, of any group of people, of each marriage. Do we ...

Eric Tokajer Jun 15, 2019

Why don’t more Jews believe in Yeshua (Jesus)?

Eric writes, "Over the years that I have been a Messianic Rabbi, I have been invited to share in hundreds of churches. I know that there are many people who ...

Moran Rosenblit Jun 14, 2019

Yeshua, the “face” of the menorah

Moran writes, "An interesting translation issue came up as I was reading the parasha for this week from the book Bamidbar (Numbers)."

Adam Lee Rosenfeld Jun 14, 2019

Your art has nothing to do with your emotions

Adam writes, " used to live in the past, so much so that I tried to make a whole album about it. Which got scrapped. Today, as I finish up ...

Elhanan ben-Avraham Jun 13, 2019

‘Sexism’ – A new word coined for the 21st c.

Elhanan writes, "But with the advent of the modern movement which is called Feminism, the above biblical directives have been declared outdated, retrograde, irrelevant, and obsolete as many in both ...

Joshua Pex Jun 13, 2019

New visa to Israel – B-5 visa – Moving to Israel as an American investor

Joshua writes, "Only recently, after many years of speculation and negotiations, on the 1st of May 2019, Israel launched its first investment visa program that allows American foreign citizens to ...

Richard Honorof Jun 12, 2019

The coming great world revival from Jerusalem

Richard writes, "God has told us in Ezekiel 36:24, 27 that He would first bring His Jewish people back to their land of Israel, and that then He would pour ...

Asher Intrater Jun 12, 2019

Mystery of the God Messiah

Asher writes, "In the case of Messiah Yeshua, we have the great mystery (I Timothy 3:16) of the human and the divine coming together."

One For Israel Staff Jun 11, 2019

The God who goes through walls: Prayer is a VIP pass

"Don’t neglect this extraordinary treasure you have in your possession: your two-way VIP prayer pass. All authority has been given to Jesus, and he has invited us to enter the ...

Howard Bass Jun 10, 2019

Shavuot/Pentecost – Feast of [Seven] Weeks/50 Days

Howard writes, "Sonday, is the celebration of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, and the Christian holiday of Pentecost. They are one and the same, except that the two calendars have ...