Protecting the future of Israel: Pro-life organization saves lives

It was during her third pregnancy when Elana felt she was slowly fading into hopelessness.

After being abused by the father of her first child, then forced to abort her second baby by the father’s family, she was now pregnant with yet another man who had no interest in taking care of her or their unborn child.

She was not ready to go through the trauma of abortion again, so she turned to her friends for advice.

Miraculously, an acquaintance introduced her to Sandy Shoshani, director of Be’ad Chaim, a pro-life organization headquartered in Jerusalem.

Be’ad Chaim is dedicated to protecting both the mother and the child in their quest to stop abortion in Israel and raise public awareness on the sanctity of life from conception.


With offices and hotlines throughout Israel, Be’ad Chaim provides practical resources, training and emotional support for pregnant women, including homeless and single mothers considering abortion – just like Elana.

Sandy with her staff and volunteers want to come alongside mothers who lost all hope and speak life to them.

Invited to encourage Elana and provide her with basic supplies, Sandy ended up playing a pivotal role in making sure that the neglected woman safely delivered her baby and took care of it. But Sandy knew that the young mother needed more than just purchased goods.

Aside from protecting the unborn life, Be’ad Chaim also brings counsel and healing to those hurting from PAS (post abortion syndrome), and supplies practical needs for mothers who choose to keep their babies.


When Elana first came to know Be’ad Chaim, she was withdrawn and skeptical. It took one very important conference – on healing after abortion – to change her disposition dramatically.

Today she is confident and optimistic, and serves as a counselor at Be’ad Chaim, meeting with young women who seek help just like she did a few years prior.

It is estimated that one in every five pregnancies in Israel results in abortion.

These alarming statistics are fueled by expedited abortions done by young girls in the mandatory military service.

If a woman gets pregnant during her service and opts to keep her child, she is dishonorably discharged and left without any support.


Be’ad Chaim is currently facilitating a specialized program called Operation Moses, designed to support the pregnant women who decide to keep their babies and sponsors them for a year.

On behalf of their sponsors, the mother and the child receive necessary supplies, including formula, diapers, wipes, stroller, crib and more.

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This article originally appeared on FIRM and reposted with permission.

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