How I find beauty and truth

Welcome to the inaugural episode of my new podcast, Beauty. Truth. I created a space where I can talk about what I’m really about – the lifelong pursuit of beauty and truth. Here I share my process of finding beauty and truth, of creating beauty and truth, and some of the beauty and truth that I found and created. Sound simple enough? And it’s all brought to you by my music project, Har Adonai.

This episode talks about:

  • Why the film “American Beauty” presents a twisted idea of what beauty really is.
  • How a cloud formation taught me about the need for truth in beauty.
  • Why I don’t listen to my favorite song anymore.
  • The importance of art that you can wholly embrace.

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Adam Lee Rosenfeld

In dreams begins responsibility. Adam Lee Rosenfeld, of the indie rock band Har Adonai, shares his lifelong pursuit of finding and creating beauty and truth. Check out more episodes here