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How can you not be Jewish if you’re born to a Jewish father?

Who decided that Jews born to a Jewish father are no longer legally Jewish?

If that’s true, we’d better rethink whether Ephraim (son of Joseph, born of a non-Jewish mother) and Gershom (son of Moses, born of a non-Jewish mother) are legitimately part of the tribe! Kind David had two non-Jewish women among his ancestors (Rahab and Ruth). Is he a non-Jew?

Throughout the Tanach, heritage is through the father. When did that change? The scriptures take pains to refer to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; what rabbinic scholar came up with the idea that this was a mistake and should rather be the God of Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel? While the history of the Jewish people included much tragedy, including the rape of many Jewish women, today’s Jewish mothers almost always know who the father of their child is. Isn’t it time that we returned our biblical heritage to its rightful owners – the fathers? If not, we are guilty of removing the true biblical birthright, which denies those who rightly are and should be recognized as legal Jews!!!

Terri Morey

Terri is the wife of the founding elder of Poriya Congregation


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